The MaAni Center puts focus on issues of discrimination

The MaAni Center puts focus on issues of discrimination

The MaAni Center of Shavei Israel continues with its series of conferences devoted to different Jewish communities all over the world and the relevant challenges they are experiencing.

Last Thursday’s lecture delivered by Dr. Velvl Chernin was aimed to bring to the audience’s attention an important issue of discrimination that the Subbotnik Jewish community face both in Russia and Israel. The event, originally planned as a lecture in Hebrew, turned out to be a lively discussion in Spanish and Russian that most of the participants were involved in.

Two members of the Subbotnik community, one of them an Israeli living in Beit Shemesh and the other one an ex-resident of Vysoki currently in the process of making aliyah, were also present at the conference. They brought old pictures illustrating life in their community in South Russia and shared personal stories.

In anticipation of Chanukah, the MaAni Center is preparing more exciting activities, such as a Chanukah candle-lighting with Bnei Anousim from different parts of the world, among them students of our Machon Miriam ulpan; pre-Chanukah studying in Beit Shemesh with Rabbi Shlomo Zelig Avrasin and a new lecture about Bnei Menashe by Rabbi Chanoch Avitzedek. Follow our updates to stay in the loop!