Laura Ben-David travels to Scandinavia – and speaks about lost & hidden Jews

Laura Ben-David travels to Scandinavia – and speaks about lost & hidden Jews

Laura Ben David, Shavei’s director of marketing and new media, visited a number of Scandinavian Jewish communities as part of her volunteer work for OTS Amiel Bakehila under the sponsorship of Israel’s Ministry of the Diaspora. In her most recent travels to Scandinavia, she had the opportunity to speak about the lost and hidden Jews all over the world and the work Shavei Israel is constantly doing to reconnect them with their heritage. Laura’s travels included Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

In Helsinki, Laura spoke about Shavei Israel’s varied communities, including Bnei Menashe of India, with two different kinds of audiences. One was a group of 60 members of the local Jewish community, plus guests, at a Shabbat luncheon. The other consisted of 90 children of all ages, all of them students of Helsinki’s only Jewish school. Laura also met with the community of Copenhagen, Denmark, and shared with its members Shavei’s experience in outreach work with Jewish communities in various parts of the world and its efforts in preserving their national and cultural heritage.

The attendees of Laura’s lectures were very excited and gave lots of positive feedback. “I heard your speech at Helsinki this Shabbat morning,” shared one of them. “I had been in Finland on business travel and these meals were heartwarming. The story about Bnei Menashe was indeed inspiring.”



Esther Surikova