Updates from Gan Matanel – a Jewish kindergarten in Lodz, Poland

Updates from Gan Matanel – a Jewish kindergarten in Lodz, Poland

Previously we reported about various exciting activities for Jewish kids of all ages in Lodz, Poland. Most of them take place in the Jewish kindergarden, the first to be opened in Lodz in decades,  and provides services five days a week, currently for 7 children of the community.

The program includes both studies and recreational activities. The children learn letters, counting, drawing, songs and many other skills required by standard Polish kindergartens. They visit museums, cinemas, parks and zoos, discover more about the environment and its protection, as well as interaction with the outside world. They also invest time in Jewish studies that makes this kindergarten so special: among them there are Hebrew and Torah classes, visiting the synagogue, meeting the local rabbi and learning more about key concepts of Judaism and Jewish culture.

The space of the kindergarten is organized in a comfortable way to enable kids to divide their time between studying and having rest. It has a separate kosher kitchen where the children have meals three times a day. The rooms are equipped with a large number of books in Polish and Hebrew, educational games and toys, arts and crafts materials and other items that turns an educational process into an exciting and wonderful adventure.

We’re happy to share some photos of Shavei Israel volunteer, Shosh Chovav, delivering a Hebrew class to the youngest members of the Lodz community.