Gan Kohavim kindergarten in Bogota, Colombia

Gan Kohavim kindergarten in Bogota, Colombia

There’s a lot of little stuff going on in our community in Bogota, Colombia. In particular, the little kids of our Gan Kohavim kindergarten of the Beit Hilel Community. There’s a wealth of exciting programming and new creative projects for some of our littlest members.

One of the projects developed in Gan Kohavim is the “Capsules of Torah” project, created by Mr. Natan Villaveces and supervised by Rabbi Shimon Yehoshua, the emissary of Shavei Israel in Colombia.

This project is a Torah Study channel, geared toward the unique eyes of children, that publishes a series of illustrative videos with teachings of Torah.

Each video is designed for a better understanding of Jewish concepts and ideas through interaction with other children’s experience.

This project also includes the amazing Gan Connect program where, using the internet, Gan Kohavim connects with other kindergartens around the world to share their experiences.

We are glad to share with you some pictures of the adorable children of Gan Kohavim in Bogota and other members of the Medellín, Antioquia community.



Esther Surikova