Son of Shavei Israel emissary fights ‘kite terror’ in Sderot

Son of Shavei Israel emissary fights ‘kite terror’ in Sderot

Yishai Salas from Sderot, the son of Rabbi Elisha Salas, Shavei Israel emissary in Spain and Portugal, struggles daily with kite terror. Salas, who has been working as a fireman in his city for five years, participated in extinguishing dozens of recent fires. “I feel a duty to protect the inhabitants of Sderot and the surrounding area,” he says, “For me and for my friends, confrontation with fires is a real war, but we invest one hundred percent of our capabilities to allow city residents to lead a normal life, minimize damage and save lives.”

Yishai, 27, a native of Chile, immigrated to Israel as a lone soldier, served as a combat medic in the Duchifat battalion and after the service ended he decided to live in Sderot because of his ideological views. “I am proud to live in Israel,” he says, “my father is a Rabbi of the community in Portugal, and every time before my service he calls to ask how I am feeling and wish me good luck.”

The staff at Shavei Israel is immensely proud of Yishai and prays for his success and safety and for all of our brave firefighters.