Learning ‘Hasidut’ in Poland for Shavuot

Learning ‘Hasidut’ in Poland for Shavuot

Within the framework of getting ready for upcoming Shavuot holiday, when Torah studies receive additional importance, the Jewish community of Lodz, Poland, planned a wide range of activities both for adults and kids. One special series  is the ‘Days of Hasidut.’ A series of educational and entertainment events devoted to the history of the Hasidic movement in Poland.

This event became possible thanks to a group of eight community leaders who traveled to Israel to participate in a special seminar where they studied texts, rituals, key characters and places in the development of Hasidism in Poland and its universal values that are relevant to modern and post-modern life. The event will gather participants, lectures and group guides from all over Poland and from Israel, and will focus on experiencing the wisdom and the spirit of Hasidism.

The Days of Hasidut consist of a traditional Hassidic ’tisch’ that took place on Monday, and three days of interesting lectures, among them a ‘Tikkun Leil Shavuot’ (all-night learning on Shavuot) on “The Beauty of Hasidism”.

Here are some pictures from the Tisch and Monday classes!