Jewish Internet Television – first of its kind in Poland

Jewish Internet Television – first of its kind in Poland ( in Polish) is Poland’s first Jewish internet television. Coming out of Lodz – a city with a long film tradition – the channel is run by professionals; people from the Jewish community who are experts in Jewish topics, and by filmmakers with many years of experience.

The goal of is to connect all Jewish institutions from all over Poland. The materials presented are aimed to create field for a smooth information exchange between local religious communities and other Jewish organizations and starting dialogue between them. The effect is meant to increase the sense of community among the Jewish community and to create the first, living and developing daily exchange of the most important news, connecting the entire Jewish community in Poland.

The nationwide internet TV, in which programs would be translated into English, would have free and quick access for all interested people – both Polish Jews, Poles as well as people from abroad and – more importantly – would be co-created by Jews from different cities.

The implementation is simple. Youtube channel with its own production files that will be linked to the site. The materials of other institutions that they publish on their channels will also be found on the site – provided that they meet the technical and substantive requirements.

For the first time, Jews from all of Poland will be involved in a project concerning the entire Polish Jewish minority, and not only their local communities. In addition, Jewish television will be a unique record of the everyday life of the all Polish Jews – institutions, foundations, organisations, museums, synagogues and communities – to anyone interested.

Thanks to, instead of a dozen of scattered websites, and profiles on Facebook, everything will finally be in one place and in an aesthetically pleasing format.

Some of current projects:

Rosh Chodesh News – monthly information from all over the country about what’s happening in Jewish Poland – starting from the capital, through other large cities, ending with small towns. From large institutions to small initiatives. Focusing on what Jewish youth is doing, what Jewish education for children and adults is available, what is offered to Jewish seniors. How individual synagogues work, both orthodox and reformed, and what is happening in the secular world. What museums show and what cultural reviews can be attend. We will show materials sent and made by employees.

Report – longer materials on more serious topics about Jews in Poland. Examples of reports are: “The phenomenon of converts” about the growing number of converts to Judaism; “The Lost Generation” about the post-war generation that hid their origin; “Abandoned graves” about abandoned Jewish cemeteries; “Jewish children” about number of Jewish schools and kindergartens that is growing in Poland; “A finger on a kosher map” about kosher restaurants.

Interviews with the pre-war generation – people born before the war are dying out. Their memories have huge value and their stories can provide Polish Jews with historical continuity. This is an invaluable record, valid for all Poles.

Jewish Internet Television is the first such initiative in Poland suggested by Shavei Israel emissary Miriam Szychowska. The project needs additional funds to become fully actualized – your donations will make it possible!