The Sunday school in Vysoki, Russia, opens its doors

The Sunday school in Vysoki, Russia, opens its doors

The beginning of the 2018 school year was accompanied by a joyful event for the Subbotnik community of Vysoki, Russia: after a long break, the Sunday school re-opened its doors for the local children to formally learn Torah and Jewish tradition. The opening ceremony took place in a warm festive atmosphere – the students welcomed the guests with an exciting entertaining program.

The welcome party took place in the Vysoki synagogue, built several years ago with the support of Shavei Israel, that will be a location of future classes. The school will be attended by some 20 children; an impressive indicator for such a small town. Re-opening the school became possible thanks to the support of the Jewish Agency and the Russian Jewish Congress. Two teachers also work in the local high school, so they are acquainted with their future students and their needs.

We’re happy to share some amazing pictures and videos from the opening ceremony and wish students success in approaching the Torah and Jewish tradition. In order to make their studies more exciting and enjoyable, Shavei Israel purchased gifts for the school such as educational games and materials from Israel.