New classes for Jewish kids of Lodz, Poland launched

New classes for Jewish kids of Lodz, Poland launched

One of the fundamental elements of traditional Jewish education, an integral part of every community’s life, is the upbringing of the younger generation. The Jewish community of Lodz can now rejoice in this facet of Jewish life-thanks to the active work of Miriam Szychowski. Miriam introduced new educational opportunities for kids that will soon be seen in full action.

Until now, the community could offer its young members only Gan Matanel, a small Jewish kindergarten and Sunday school for both Jewish children and children with Jewish roots. From this moment on, the program, which is coordinated with and fully integrates parents, will include bar- and bat mitzvah classes for children who wish to begin preparing, no matter the age. Even students with distant Jewish roots will be able to join the festivities as bnei mitzvah along with their peers.

Shabbat activities will also be extended to make the programming more engaging for children. Prior to this effort, for a more inclusive Shabbat service, the children came to the community center with their parents but did not have age–appropriate Jewish educational activities or a safe playing area. The children, who represent the next generation of Judaism in Poland, will from now on be included more in prayer services and Shabbat meals.

We hope the children enjoy their new classes and that the classes bring the children closer to Torah and their Jewish heritage.