In the news: Shavei communities celebrating Hanukah

In the news: Shavei communities celebrating Hanukah

Communities supported by Shavei Israel were in the news this Hanukah. We have a roundup of some of the best articles in the media.

This article in The Jerusalem Post looks at a number of far-flung Jewish communities including those in Berlin, the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in Russia, and the Bnei Menashe in Manipur.

There are more articles spotlighting the Bnei Menashe’s candle lighting ceremonies in Breaking News Israel, Jewish World News, New York Jewish Guide and Jewish News International.

News on the nine Bnei Menashe couples who (re)tied the knot following their aliyah and formal conversion to Israel was also featured in the media. Here’s are several articles (with pictures) from YnetThe Times of Israel (in French and in English), The Jewish Press and Israel National News.

One more thing (as a certain high-tech executive used to say): We put together a short video with highlights from the Shavei world. You can find it here.