Parading with lulav and etrog in India

Parading with lulav and etrog in India

During the intermediate days of hol ha-moed Sukkot, Jews around the world traditionally take out a Torah scroll and walk around the room in synagogue while carrying their arba minim – the “four species” which include the lulav (a ripe, green, closed frond from a date palm tree), etrog (fruit of a citron tree), hadass (boughs with leaves from the myrtle tree) and aravah (branches with leaves from the willow tree).

And that’s exactly what the Bnei Menashe did. Here are some photos from the Sukkot shul parade in Manipur this year. The setting is the Shavei Israel’s main Bnei Menashe center in Churachandpur.

Until next Sukkot!