Immigrants from Colombia celebrate two years of aliyah

Immigrants from Colombia celebrate two years of aliyah

As Rosh Hashana approaches, it’s traditional to count one’s blessings. For the Antolinez, Camargo and Maloof families, there’s one blessing that stands out more than any other: the zechut (privilege) of starting a new life in Israel.

These three Bnei Anousim families, along with Rivka Sisa, who came to Israel on her own, are among the proud new immigrants Shavei Israel has helped make aliyah from Colombia. They are celebrating two years in the Holy Land this Rosh Hashana.

The Camargo and Maloof men are currently studying in yeshiva. The kids are in school. And Mrs. Camargo has opened a mishpachton – a nursery school – in her home.

The Antolinez and Maloof families are from Bello in the Antioquia district of Colombia; the Camargos hail from Bogota, and Rivka came from Cali. Today, they all have one more thing in common: They all live in Beer Sheva.

We have a couple more pictures of the new immigrants celebrating.