Bnei Menashe aliyah to resume in November

Bnei Menashe aliyah to resume in November

Shavei Israel is delighted to announce that we will be bringing a new group of 100 Bnei Menashe on aliyah from Manipur in November.

The group – which this time is coming from the Indian state of Manipur (our last group was from Mizoram) – will arrive on two flights, each with 50 people each, on November 14 and November 16.

As with previous groups, the new immigrants will start off their Israeli lives at the absorption center in Kfar Hasidim. After three months of intensive studies in Hebrew and Judaism, they will move to permanent homes in communities where other Bnei Menashe have settled.

Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund will be flying to Churachandpur, where Shavei Israel’s Beit Israel center for the Bnei Menashe in Manipur is located, to spend Shabbat with the group prior to their amazing adventure. He will accompany them as they say goodbye to family and friends and board the bus for the long flights to New Delhi and then on to Israel.

Stay tuned for more details – including when you can come to the airport to greet the new arrivals. (It’s always a highlight – for both immigrants and veterans!)

In the meantime – mazel tov to the 100 Bnei Menashe who have reached this exciting point in their Jewish journeys. When they called out “Next year in Jerusalem” at this year’s Passover Seder, they really meant it!

As always, putting together the flights, initial financial aid packages and the entire aliyah and absorption process is very costly. Your help is greatly appreciated.

We are ready for your donations. Please visit our special Bnei Menashe support page to learn how.



Brian Blum