PICTURES: Summer camp in Churachandpur

PICTURES: Summer camp in Churachandpur

Summer is here and that means school’s out and it’s time for camp. Shavei Israel is sponsoring a summer camp at the Bnei Menashe center in Churachandpur, India.

Nearly 300 children are participating in the camp, which includes music and Hebrew songs, indoor and outdoor games, classes in Hebrew and Judaism, and competition in different disciplines, such as blessings, Bible and more.

The camp runs for only five days and the summer is much longer. With your help, we can extend next year’s camp in Churachanpur and offer it to even more Bnei Menashe children.

You can make your donation here.

Here are some more pictures from camp.

What’s that yellow drink, you might ask? It’s squash juice!

Pictures from classes…

Happy campers!