Operation Menashe: 72 make aliyah from Mizoram

Operation Menashe: 72 make aliyah from Mizoram

The second of two aliyah flights last week landed on Thursday. Seventy-two Bnei Menashe from Mizoram arrived at Ben-Gurion where they were met by scores of Israelis overjoyed by the latest immigration from India. We caught the excitement on video and we have it here to share with you.

At the airport in India waiting for departure, wth Shavei Israel’s Tzvi Khaute in the foreground leading the group.


And the arrival in India: Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund with one of the younger immigrants.


Now on to the videos…

The group walks from the plane to passport control, singing all the way:

They sang on the bus ride from the plane to the terminal:

And they sang and dance in the arrivals hall where they met their loved ones and the public:

Finally, here’s a lovely montage of the events at Ben-Gurion Airporst last Thursday.