Hanukah bonus: More pictures from Shavei Israel communities

Hanukah bonus: More pictures from Shavei Israel communities

Hanukah may be over, but we have a special bonus album of pictures from Shavei Israel communities around the world celebrating the Festival of Lights.

Bnei Menashe

The younger set got together in Kiryat Arba for Hanukah party including balloons and snacks (sufganiot – traditional Hanukah donuts – we assume, although they’re off camera). Still those heavy winter coats indicate it was a bit chilly in the Jerusalem hills.

These two Bnei Menashe women had better luck with the weather, which is pleasant this time of year in India where they’re busy making homemade sufganiot. Have we identified some budding Hanukah pastry chefs heading to Israel on the next aliyah?

In the Indian state of Mizoram, a group of Bnei Menashe teens took off on a tiyul to take in some scenery over the Hanukah break. Cool waterfall!


Rabbi Dawid Szichowsky led the Lodz Jewish community in candle lighting. They were honored by a special guest: Polish Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich.


Finally, as we reported last week, Rabbi Pinhas Punterello, Shavei Israel’s emissary to Sicily and Southern Italy, led a community candle lighting ceremony in Palermo’s Steri Prison, the infamous former headquarters of the Inquisition. Eighty people expected participated along with the local council.

One last bonus: we put together some of our favorite photos into a short video with music. Another way to remember the holiday!

May the Hanukah lights burn bright in our hearts and illuminate the darkness until Hanukah returns again next year!