Portuguese Bnei Anousim rally for Israel on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Portuguese Bnei Anousim rally for Israel on Yom Ha’atzmaut

Waving Israeli flags, singing songs in Hebrew and brandishing letters in support of the Jewish State, the Bnei Anousim community of Portugal gathered in front of the Israeli embassy in Lisbon on Yom Ha’atzmaut last week to celebrate Israel’s 68th birthday.

The rally was organized in party by Shavei Israel’s emissary to Portugal, Rabbi Elisha Salas. Most of Rabbi Salas’s regular students from Belmonte and the surrounding area made the 3-hour journey to the Portuguese capital.

We have a selection of photos from the rally and a video below.

Rabbi Salas reports that, “the demonstration in Lisbon was very emotional, as it brought a Jewish presence to the very place that symbolized the start of the Jewish pogrom in Portugal nearly 600 years ago.”

Following the rally, the organizers discussed creating a space in Lisbon to hold more events – up to four a year – to keep the flame of Judaism alive and to support the burgeoning Bnei Anousim community in Portugal.

Here’s the video:



Brian Blum