Shavei Israel celebrates Purim 2014

Shavei Israel celebrates Purim 2014

Rabbi Avi Baumol reads the Megillah in Krakow, Poland

Rabbi Avi Baumol reads the Megillah in Krakow, Poland

Every year, when Purim comes around, Shavei Israel communities around the world celebrate big time. The Megillah readings, outlandish costumes, extravagant parties, sumptuous kosher food, and far out festivities never cease to amaze us. And so, as we do every year, here’s a selection of some of the best Purim photos sent to us from our emissaries in some of the most far flung places on the planet.

We have pictures from three communities in Poland: Katowice with Rabbi Yehoshua Ellis; Krakow with Rabbi Avi Baumol; and Wroclaw with Rabbi Tyson Herberger.

Our emissary to the Bnei Menashe in India outdid himself once again, traveling this year from the main Shavei Israel center in Churachandpur with 43 Bnei Menashe members to the border between India and Myanmar (Burma) where Bnei Menashe from both countries celebrated together.

We received some great pictures from Bnei Anousim communities in three countries on two continents – Portugal, Spain and Colombia. Take a look!

Thanks to all the Shavei staff and all the Purim revelers who have allowed us to share in their fun through these photos.

Poland: Katowice, Krakow, and Wroclaw

Bnei Anousim in Belmonte, Portugal; Palermo, Spain, and Colombia

Bnei Menashe in India