Chinese Jews at Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

Chinese Jews at Jerusalem Rabbinical Court

The 7 men from Kaifeng, China, whom Shavei Israel has supported in their journey towards Judaism, stand here before the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court last week in a final step towards formally rejoining the Jewish people. In the main group picture are:

Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund (center).

Rabbi Menachem Weinberg (far right).

And from left to right: Sheffi (Yonatan) Xue, Shai Shi, Gideon Fan, Yaakov Wang, Tony (Hoshea) Liang, Tzuri Shi, Fei (Moshe) Li.

In the picture with the Rabbinical Court judges,  you’ll find (left to right) Rabbi Tzvi Lifshitz, Rabbi Yaron Cohen, and Rabbi Moshe Ehrenreich.

In some of the pictures you’ll also find some of the group’s adopted family members from Efrat.