Shavei Israel publishes first “birkon” (Grace after Meals) in Polish

Shavei Israel publishes first “birkon” (Grace after Meals) in Polish

"Birkat Hamazon" - the Grace After the Meals

As increasing numbers of Jews in Poland are uncovering their hidden heritage, there has been a growing demand for Jewish texts and learning material written in Polish. To address this need, Shavei Israel has published its first ever birkon – a small booklet with the Hebrew prayer for the Grace After the Meals – transliterated into Polish.

An initial run of one hundred copies of the birkon have been printed and are now being distributed by Shavei Israel’s emissary to Poland, Rabbi Boaz Pash, to the community of Hidden Jews in Krakow, where he is based.

The birkon is intended for the growing number of young Poles who are rediscovering their Jewish roots and who are not yet fluent reading Hebrew. Rabbi Pash supervised the preparation of the transliterated booklet, which contains an abbreviated version of the Grace after Meals that is specified in the Talmud for learning purposes.

Shavei Israel will also make a PDF of the birkon available for Polish-speaking Jews outside of Krakow to download and print on their own.

As it says in the words of the Grace after Meals, may the Hidden Jews of Poland “eat and be satisfied” – both from the kosher meals being cooked in ever greater numbers in the kitchens of Krakow, and from the prayers offered to G-d upon their completion.

If you would like to help sponsor the publication of additional copies of the birkon for Poland’s Hidden Jews, please click here.