5 Ways to make a difference
this holiday season

Over the past year, we’ve faced significant challenges and intense moments. However, it’s your unwavering support that has enabled Shavei Israel to extend vital assistance to Jewish communities in more than a dozen countries. Our most recent focus has been particularly on the Bnei Menashe community in India, where thousands have been displaced and left homeless due to ethnic violence. These resilient individuals are still holding onto the hope of realizing their dream of making aliyah to Israel.
Through your generosity, we’ve been able to nourish the aspirations for a brighter future among thousands and foster a stronger connection to their Jewish heritage.
Yet, there is still much work ahead of us…


Rosh Hashana 2023

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1. Feed the elderly

The holidays can be particularly difficult for older people and shut-ins who need assistance. We would like to provide them with food vouchers to celebrate in dignity.

2. Help New Immigrants

Shavei has brought thousands of Bnei Menashe on aliyah to Israel from India, plus assisted with many others in their aliyah. Many are still adjusting to their new lives in the Jewish state and require support.

3. Partner with students

Shavei has dozens of students in its Machon Miriam and Machon Milton Institutes of Return in Jerusalem who are struggling to stay afloat financially.

4. Support Converts

Those who make the courageous choice to join the Jewish people can feel very isolated, both during and after the process, and need our help, guidance and support.

5. Donate to Shavei Israel

Shavei works on every one of these projects and so much more. Be our partner in this extraordinary mission!