On April 5, Jews around the world will celebrate Passover, commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the deliverance of our ancestors from slavery to freedom. The holiday is particularly resonant with Bnei Menashe, descendants of a lost tribe who have made Aliya from India to Israel, returning to Zion after 27 centuries in exile.


But for over 100 Bnei Menashe widows and their 254 orphaned children living in the Jewish state, the festive aspect of the holiday is tinged with pain. The loss of a beloved spouse or parent is always heartbreaking and that distress is only made worse by the financial challenges they confront.


This year, Shavei Israel is undertaking to ease the burden of these families by providing them with much-needed assistance so they can enjoy a kosher and happy Festival of Freedom. This Passover, we need your help to bring a smile to the faces of 101 Bnei Menashe widows and widowers and their 254 orphaned children so they can enjoy a proper Seder and a happy holiday.


This is the time to give generously and to remember those who are most in need. And in the merit of doing so, may you and your loved ones be blessed.

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