Bnei Menashe soldier receives President’s Award for Excellence

Bnei Menashe soldier receives President’s Award for Excellence

The Shavei Israel family is proud of Nadiv Khaute, son of Tzvi Khaute, director of the Bnei Menashe department, on receiving the ‘President’s Award for Excellence 2021’ on Israel’s 73rd Independence day!

Nadiv, the eldest of Tzvi’s five children, was just two year-old when the Khautes made aliyah. For the past nine years, Tzvi has been Shavei Israel’s coordinator for the Bnei Menashe. He made aliyah in 2000 and moved straight from his home state of Manipur to Kiryat Arba south of Jerusalem. Tzvi’s understanding of the culture and needs of his Bnei Menashe brethren – not to mention his ability to speak fluent Kuki – has been an invaluable asset for Shavei Israel as the organization has settled more than 3,000 Bnei Menashe across the country.

For Tzvi and his family, life in Israel has been an opportunity, “to reconnect with my roots and my forefathers, and to fulfill the dream of my grandparents.” The latest achievement of Nadiv exceeded even Tzvi’s wildest dreams, and is a tremendous source of pride.

Congratulations Nadiv! You have made your family, Shavei and all of Israel proud