Waiting to live the dream

Waiting to live the dream

We have permission to bring 500 more immigrants on aliyah to Israel this year. With your help it will be possible! Here’s a personal account from one family who is anxiously awaiting:

To my brothers and sisters all around the world—shalom! My name is Yonatan Baite and I’m married to Elisheva Baite. We have four children: Yosef (23), David (21), Esther (15), and Shlomo (12). We have been yearning to make Aliyah since 2007. 

Although my wife and I don’t have a formal education, all of our children are studying hard in school. 

My uncle, Mordechai Baite, made Aliyah in 2012. Although we communicate over the phone on a daily basis, we haven’t been able to meet in person since he moved to Israel. He can’t wait to see us, and neither can we. G-d willing, it will happen soon!

When we arrive in Israel, one of the first things I want to do is to send my children to yeshiva to study Torah. We also dream about enlisting them in the IDF. We want to make sure that they receive a good education and that they both learn to serve G-d and the country. 

To be able to return to Eretz Israel after so many generations in exile, and to help my children get back to their roots, will be the greatest blessing and accomplishment of my life. 

Please help Ofer and his family to make aliyah. The cost is $1000 per person so in the case of Ofer and his family just $4000 will allow them to fulfill their dream.

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