Challah Baking in Cali, Colombia

Challah Baking in Cali, Colombia

This week, girls and women, from the Bnei Anousim community of Cali, Colombia, prepared for the Shabbat by taking part in a special Shavei Israel challah baking event.

Under the supervision and guidance of Rabbi Shimon Yehoshua, Shavei’s emissary in the region, they took the opportunity to delve into the meaningful experience of baking challah. They learned about the spiritual significance of each ingredient, and fulfilled the commandment of hafrashat challah (separating a portion of dough before baking) and pray for themselves and their loved ones.

Maguen Abraham, our community in Cali, is just one of the 12 Colombian Jewish communities that belong to the ACIC – Asociación de Comunidades Israelitas de Colombia (Association of Jewish Communities of Colombia). Today it boasts more than 100 members and has three Torah scrolls.