Girls in Chile learn about the joy of the Sabbath

Girls in Chile learn about the joy of the Sabbath

Hashem blessed the seventh day and sanctified it …

Previously we wrote about Rabbi Avraham Latapiat of Chile having organized special classes and workshops for children of the community to teach them an importance of keeping the Sabbath. During the second semester in a local Jewish day school, Rabbanit Esther Miriam Latapiat continued moving in this direction by making a special emphasis on the joy and pleasure of the Sabbath as the central topic of the program. Rabbi and Rabbanit Latapiat also encouraged parents to share this beautiful experience with their kids.

The Jewish day school provides the youngest members of the community a wide range of activities such as preparing home-made Shabbat candles by using disposable materials, decorating a kiddush cup, organizing the Shabbos table and learning the rules of behavior appropriate for creating a special Sabbath atmosphere.

Even more attention was paid to the laws of tzniut – modesty – that among other things could be expressed in a style of clothing that has additional meaning on the Sabbath. Twelve girls who attend the school received a special gift: dresses, stockings and shoes as a gift from the rabbi and his wife. Their families admired and appreciated the lovely outfits and are delighted their daughters will now participate and show more support in the preparation for and reception of the Sabbath in their homes.

Here are some photos of these lovely girls enjoying their new clothing.