Preparations for Sukkot in Shavei communities

Preparations for Sukkot in Shavei communities

As every year, we greatly anticipate the flood of photos we will receive as our communities around the world begin their Sukkot preparations. Building their unique ‘sukkahs’ (temporary dwellings or huts that are decorated and used for the Sukkot holiday) and preparing their four ‘species’ (myrtle, willow, palm fronds and citron – known collectively as the ‘lulav and etrog’) which are used throughout the holiday. We have some communities already posted, and will add more as they are received!

Krakow, Poland

In the framework of Sukkot preparations, Rabbi Avi Baumol visited the Isaac Synagogue of Krakow to meet the kids from Fradja-JCC, speak about the meaning of some mitzvot of Judaism, such as covering head with the kippah, wearing tallit, putting up a mezuzah, building a sukkah etc. Rabbi Eliezer Gurare also attended, speaking about what kosher is all about.

Nazareth Illit, Israel

Bnei Menashe community of Nazareth Illit participated in building a sukkah near the Rambam synagogue.