Shavei Israel communities prepare for High Holidays

Shavei Israel communities prepare for High Holidays

With just days before Rosh HaShanah and the beginning of the next 5779 year in accordance with the Jewish calendar, the Shavei Israel communities share with us some pictures of them getting ready for the High Holiday season. We invite you to enjoy some of the pre-holiday highlights, from Latin America to Eastern Europe, and see Jews all over the world reciting Selichot, blowing shofar and fulfilling the mitzvah of learning Torah.

Lets start our journey in South America. In Chile, Rabbi Avraham Latapiat, Shavei Israel’s emissary, organized a number of activities both for adults and children. The children can be seen getting ready for Rosh HaShanah together with their parents.

In Colombia, eleven local communities of various cities gather together for prayer services and learning for Rosh HaShanah. Shavei Israel’s emissary, Rabbi Shimon Yehoshua, divides his time between several locations, among them the cities of Bogota and Kali.

El Salvador
In El Salvador, Rabbi Elisha Salas who recently started his outreach and educational work as Shavei Israel emissary also divides his time between two groups – the bigger one in the capital city of San Salvador and the smaller one in a place called Armenia. Rabbi Salas also performs shechitah (ritual slaughtering of animals according to the laws of kashrut) and delivers shiurim and lectures devoted to the upcoming holiday.

Lodz, Poland

Meanwhile, in Lodz, Poland, local Jews are also getting ready for the holiday – here you can see Shavei Israel’s emissary, Rabbi Dawid Szychowski, blowing shofar for the youngest members of the community.

Beit Shemesh, Israel
Finally, the Subbotnik Jewish community of Beit Shemesh, the biggest one in Israel, gathered together in Netzach Menashe center to join the seminar delivered by Rabbi Shlomo Zelig Avrasin.