Separating challah in El Salvador

Separating challah in El Salvador

The mitzvah of ‘separating challah’ is one of the three mitzvos which was uniquely given to women to perform. Originally, a piece of dough was ‘separated’ and given to a Kohen who served in the Temple. This practice is to be reinstated in the times of the Messiah – meanwhile it the separated dough is burnt before eating the bread from which it was taken.

The El Salvador community prepared for the coming Sabbath while organizing a big hafrashat challah – the separation of challah – ceremony. This is an annual event, usually joined by the members of the community and their guests.

The event took place in the “Volcano” restaurant in the capital city of San Salvador. Check out our last year report by following this link.

The similar ceremony of hafrashat challah was organized in Chile by a small local community led by Rabbi Avraham Latapiat.

Here, you can browse some photos from this event that has become a beautiful local tradition.

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