Our students in Spain & Portugal join the Global Day of Jewish Learning

Our students in Spain & Portugal join the Global Day of Jewish Learning

There is no concrete explanation for people’s attraction to the Jewish world wherever they are, even if all the sociology scholars will try to prove the opposite point of view based on all kinds of theories and sciences. It is simply amazing to see how much the virtues of Judaism transcend: its beauty, its values, its morality, its humanity and its ability to address all the people. Its power crosses borders, unites cultures, nations and genders. Also, two world religions, Christianity and Islam, were derived from it.

The uniqueness of Torah could be understood and especially felt in the Global Day of Jewish learning that was attended this year by all the students of Rabbi Elisha Salas, the Shavei Israel emissary in Spain and Portugal.

The Global Day of Jewish Learning is a project of the Aleph Society and Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, and it’s the third time Rabbi Salas and his students take part in it.

On this day, the students of Rabbi Elisha canceled all their other activities and gathered together to hear the words of Torah.

The panel topic this time was “Beauty and ugliness in the mirror of Judaism”. The students from different cities and regions studied together – in Belmonte, Porto, Lisbon and Alicante (Spain). Each group dealt with a different aspect of the topic and each student chose one sub-topic to speak about in front of the group.

In Lisbon, for example, the discussion was based on: Appreciation for Beauty and Art (by Avigail Erlich); Beauty, Power and Seduction (by Louisa Carola and Miriam Daza); Beautifying the Mitzvah (by Hannah Bross); Ugliness (by Simon Pana); and Ladies Mirrors (by Madalena Brata).


Here’s a glimpse at the groups during their intensive and fruitful experience: