Sukka hopping: Chile, Palermo and Poland

Sukka hopping: Chile, Palermo and Poland

“Sukka hopping” is one of our favorite holiday activities – whether in real life or online. In the world of physical sukkot, it’s traditional to visit the temporary “booths” built by friends and neighbors for the holiday, hopping from one home to the next to spread the holiday joy. (A small l’chaim at each keeps the energy positive!)

At Shavei Israel, we do the same every year online. We started with pictures of sukkot in construction, then visited the Bnei Menashe to see their completed Sukkot in India. And now we take a quick trip around the world to see how three of Shavei Israel’s communities celebrated the holiday.

Sukkot may be over, but we had to share these wonderful photos with you.


The community of Bnei Anousim in Chile built a fabulous “Sucat Shalom” – a sukka of peace. Here are pictures of the community shaking their lulav and etrog, eating snacks in their temporary outdoor homes, and learning the rules of Sukkot in class.

Palermo, Italy

The Bnei Anousim community in Palermo, Italy, built their sukka on the roof this year. Here are some pictures from this sky-high hut!

Lodz, Poland

Last time, we visited Krakow to see how their sukka building was coming along. This week, we make the three hour drive north to the town of Lodz where Shavei Israel’s emissary Rabbi Dawid Szychowski led the community’s sukka celebrations. Here we see some of the not so “Hidden” Jews of Lodz inspecting, building and decorating their sukkot.