Israeli supermarket chain to provide new immigrants with NIS 50,000 in vouchers

Israeli supermarket chain to provide new immigrants with NIS 50,000 in vouchers

It’s becoming a sweet tradition for the new immigrants who’ve arrived with Shavei Israel’s help in recent years: gift coupons from the Shufersol supermarket chain.

For the second Rosh Hashana in as many years – and the third time following an initial donation on Passover 2016 – Shufersol is gifting NIS 50,000 (around $14,000) of coupons to new olim to ease their holiday purchases.

While the coupons are intended to make the High Holidays a bit less burdensome at the cashier, they can be used at any time of the year.

Shavei Israel will be distributing the coupons to immigrants from the Bnei Menashe, Bnei Anousim, Kaifeng China, and Subbtonik Jewish communities. This year, we’ve earmarked new immigrants who are spending their very first Rosh Hashana in Israel since making aliyah!

The Shufersol program was once again spearheaded by Shavei Israel’s head of the Bnei Anousim and Hidden Jews of Poland departments, Tzivia Kusminsky.

Shavei Israel will be arranging pick-up times for immigrants living in the north, south and center of the country. In some cases, a Shavei Israel staff member will hand deliver coupons to the neediest immigrants.

Over the last decade, Shavei Israel has worked tirelessly to make “Next Year in Jerusalem” (sung at the conclusion of the final Yom Kippur service) more than just a slogan. With Shufersol’s help, l’shana haba b’Yerushalayim is no longer an “IOU” but a living (and paid up) reality for several hundred deserving new immigrants.

May it be a sweet year, one filled with apples, honey and a new life in Israel. For that, let us all say: Amen!