Pesach in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Italy and Israel

Pesach in Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Italy and Israel

Pesach is over – the matzah has been put away until next year and the leavened bread is adorning our tables once again. But we couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures sent to us over the holiday from Shavei Israel communities around the world.


It was all smiles and lots of matzah for the Bnei Anousim of Chile. We have photos getting ready for the community’s group Seder and from a smaller private Seder of the Algunas family in Sus Hogares.


We have pre-Pesach pictures from three Bnei Anousim communities in Colombia, under the auspices of Shavei Israel’s emissary Rabbi Shimon Yehoshua. Here’s how the celebrations went down at Bogota, Cali and Barranquilla.

El Salvador

At the Beit Israel community center in the capital city of El Salvador, the Bnei Anousim community gathered to celebrate the holiday. Here are some posed pictures (taken before the sun set on Seder night).


As is the annual custom in Palermo, the Jewish community held a group Seder. We have a few photos of local Bnei Anousim getting ready, setting the table for what looks to be a very festive meal!


The Subbotnik Jewish community living in Beit Shemesh got ready for the holiday with their own mock Seder, presided over by the community’s rabbi, Zelig Avrasin. Here are a few photos: