Baking challah in El Salvador

Baking challah in El Salvador

In the Biblical tractate of Pirkei Avot, it is written “Im ein kemach, ein Torah,” which means that “without sustenance [kemach], there cannot be Torah.” But kemach is also Hebrew for bread, and on Shabbat the phrase could be read “without a yummy challah or two, it’s not really the Sabbath.”

Creative interpretation? Perhaps. But the women of the Bnei Anousim community in El Salvador took that message to heart.

At a recent event in the capital city of San Salvador, several dozen Jewish women got together to prepare lots and lots of challah.

It was a competition: each woman received a bowl with all the ingredients she needed and – ready set go! The nicest challah won a prize for its proud baker.

El Salvador’s Bnei Anousim community come together to celebrate Shabbat every week without fail at San Salvador’s Beit Israel – even when a challah baking contest is not on the agenda.

We have pictures. Which challah would you vote for?