Aquiles Lujan’s story

Aquiles Lujan’s story

I thank God that at a young age, from 1970 until 1983 I already began to know Judaism. We were very careful about keeping kosher just as it is written in the Torah. Mr. Santos Aguera stayed in Trujillo from 1988 until 1990 and taught us Judaism. He began slowly, teaching us a little bit of Judaism until 1990 when we joined the community and began to know everything from close up. At the same time, Mr. Valderrama began to bring us closer to his family for Sabbaths, holidays and Halachah. We bought a few books whenever possible and made copies. Thus, with the utmost difficulty, we learned more and more. Since we joined the community, we have friends and got to know rabbis and to add ever more [Jewish] experiences.

We always attempted to be in contact with the community in Lima, purchase kosher food, mainly for Passover, to something at the table to make it more joyous and holiday-like. Despite the initial difficulties making contact with the community, the relationship warmed up and overall, they assisted us. Now, with all modesty, I have lead the community since 2002. Thanks to God and a [special] thanks to Rabbi Eliyahu and Michael Freund.




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